Monday, February 11, 2013's VD time

With the impending day approaching, where women get all gooey and expecting chocolates and flowers from their other half, I just want to gag. It is nothing but a commercialized, money making retarded day all in the name of love! How many men really get excited over this dreaded day? Unless of course you are planning a clich√© proposal on this wonderful day that will make her melt like burnt butter, not that any one else has ever thought of that before...sigh. Way to be original, you romantic robot you!!!

I have referred to this day with a few different names, most used was "Happy VD" but now I am dubbing it Vagina Day, because that is exactly what it is. I can remember the first year that I was going to be single in over 15 years and that day was fast approaching. I was worried that I was going to fall into the worst depression over being alone. No one to give me dead flowers and a box of "how's my ass look now?" chocolates. What I found was it was the happiest day I had had in many years!!! There was no running around trying to find that "perfect" card or the expectations of how much thought the man put into his love for me. Yea let me say I realized I was usually a last minute thought, I mean come on it is hard to remember when that holiday was going to happen every year.

In so many ways I hate following the masses, yes, I celebrate Christmas and absolutely LOVE Halloween....but with each year I am growing less tolerant to the majority of the holidays. Mainly because of the commercialization taking over the actual meaning of that day. Hey who doesn't like to receive presents??? LOL I know I do, but I guess my thing here is the meaning behind the gifts are fading. Give me a well thought out gift that costs less than $50.00 but has so much meaning behind it over expensive gifts any day of the week. OK I won't so no to a well thought out shiny bling bling, I'm not an idiot here...LOL But what I would love to have happen is to receive such a gift in a way that is not clich√©, I want it done based on who we are as a couple. And with that idea in mind it could mean waking me up in the middle of the night for awesome sleepy sex but having to remove said gift that happens to be tied to his nut sack....LMFAO sorry for the visual.

Valentines Day is so NOT original, it is Hallmarks favorite day for us saps trying to prove one day a year how we feel about our other half. Nope do not give me a Valentine on this stupidest of days, but by all means make me a puddle of gooey happiness some random day/s throughout the year, as I will do my best to do the same random acts of love and honoring my partner. To hell with the masses create your own traditions create your own version of Vagina day but remember to make it equally enjoyable and therefore creating happy vagina/penis days (note plural) of mutual awesomeness!!! Again this coincides with romance being a dead language and sweeping your lover off their feet throughout the year!!!!

Hey don't get me wrong here, if you are all for Valentines day and look forward to that one day a year to get all overly mushy, have at it. I just want more than one day a year to look forward to my lover doing something sweet and romantic for me and I him.