Thursday, March 14, 2013

You're a biker???

What the fuck you mean you're a biker? That ain't no Harley you're riding, so clearly you are no biker!!!!! Gimme a break already!

Le Sigh

So many facets in my crazy life, and bikes being one of them and some of the crap I have heard throughout the years just makes my head spin at the pure stupidity of it all! So for whatever unknown reason as to why these crazy thoughts randomly pop into my head, I don't apologize, I need to get it the hell out of my messed up cranium.

 I am no spring chic here and have been in and around motorcycles of various degrees all my life. And the only thing I commonly share with the majority of "bikers" is the love of the wind in my face, breeze on my knees and an open windy road. I have my personal opinions on different kind of bikes because I know what "I" like to ride. I do not and will not ever force my opinion on another, for instance; I do not care to ride a sports bike (crotch rocket) I am a cruiser kinda gal. Oh and to be clear here YES I ride my own.

                                                    (yep that be me! Don't hate)

I am not just a bitch seat filler here :)

Anyway, in all walks of life there are and will always be the "naysayers" in various levels of distasteful, opinionated douchebaggery. Yes I am mocking the twatwaffles of naysayers!! What is my point? Leave people be for fuckity fucks sake! So what if they are riding a crotch rocket, cruiser, chopper, wearing matching leathers, or whatever the hell else you panty knotted douche bags wish to bitch about!!

The ONLY time you will hear me bitch about a fellow biker is when that asshat is riding like an asshole and making the rest of us look bad. You want to go out of this world on your two wheels FINE have at it, but do so where no one can see what a dumb ass you are. I have respect...let me repeat that for those who didn't catch it "RESPECT" for all people and all walks of life, until you tread on me.

With every aspect of life there are the enthusiasts and the extremists, it is just that simple. Hey so what if that person is a R.U.B. (Rich Urban Biker, for those who don't know the acronyms of bikers LOL)? Does that person truly effect YOU? OK I will agree those peeps out there "pretending" to be 1%ers do need a bitch slap of reality more because they are making a fool of themselves. Hey you hardcore bikers...take it as a compliment that these folks in some, if not most, ways are envious of you and you freedom mentality.

Unless they are actually trying to fly colors or talking smack (shudders at the thought) just point and laugh if it will make you feel better. Now again, the whole Sons Of Anarchy....ducks from the glaring stares from the haters It is just a SHOW!!! Of course it is glamorized, it is, for lack of a better description, a "soap opera on 2 wheels" but dammit those guys are HAWT!!!! So give us wimmins something to swoon and fantasize over OK?!?!?!?! But for those people out there wearing the shows "rockers" OMFG yes I want to slap them as well and I am in no MC.

So on another note about riding....I am in all senses a "fair weather" rider I do not ride when it is below a certain temperature or especially if it is if it rains while I'm out riding oh well I'll deal. But understand my issues here, the feeling of wet clothes against skin for me is so beyond finger nails down a chalk board for me and I cannot stand to be overly cold. It takes me forever to get a deep chill out of my bones and that brings on physical pain for me.

So if you all wish to say I am not a biker, I have one question for you. Who the hell dubbed you lord and master of who's who in the world? I know I didn't vote for you! If my lack of riding because of shitty weather makes you feel you have the right to down my passion, you, dip shit, need to get a life and step out of mine. If my riding puts your life at risk, then by all means you have every right to want to bitch slap my dumb ass off of my motorcycle. Other than that mind your own F'in business.

Again this is my random thoughts....but I do have the hopes they can create a thought process among others and their own actions. As I previously stated I personally dislike crotch rockets, but I will absolutely give them a wave in passing as they are also sharing the passion I feel, just in a different form. Now actually scooters do in fact make me giggle....sorry to the people who ride them, but they are NOT a motorcycle no matter how much you want to think they are!! They are nothing more than a motorized bicycle...for the most part :)

Oh and to touch base on one other aspect of bikes...I strongly believe that "loud pipes save lives" but seriously straight pipes are a bit too far. Just like I strongly feel that helmets should be a personal choice, I know the risks of not wearing one, as well of the potential risks of actually wearing one. It should be my choice as to what risks I am willing to take with MY own life. I am not saying this to evoke a debate here, I am saying it because it is how I feel. I don't really care about anyone else's opinion on it. As I am not forcing my view on you, don't do it to me.


  1. So many things you wrote hit home with me, Babe.
    I too, ride a bike (yep, it's a big ol' Harley), and I wave at EVERYone I pass who's also on two wheels.
    I ride for the feeling of freedom from all life's little and BIG stresses, and I don't give a fartin' fuck what others ride. Yeah, I'm partial to my brand but I don't pass judgement on others who don't ride or like Harleys. There are some absolutely gawjus bikes out there that ain't Harleys, and I think yours is one of them.
    Great blog post, Kristi, and thanks for sharing!!
    Love ya,

    1. Hey beautiful Lady!!! Sorry I did not see your comment till now....*slaps self*

      I actual do love Harley's but not willing to pay the price tag for one :)

      Hugs and Kisses my sweet friend! I do hope we can ride some curves together one day!

  2. Replies
    1. Nothing wrong with that....and you make a bike look stunning :)