Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Controversy over gun control

OK folks seriously wake the fuck up!!!

I was not born and raised in a household where my parents were gun fanatics or hunters or any of those things. I was raised to respect guns though by my father, who is a retired Marine. If we did have guns in the house, I certainly did not know about them.

I am not going to pretend here I know all the ins and outs of this very heated controversy but what I am intellegent enough to understand is CRIMINALS do not follow laws. The politicians and/or government can ban all the guns they want, the only thing they will achieve is unarming law abiding citizens and creating more victims of deadly assault weapens.

Hell I can even say that some of the assault weapons people may own, in my humble opinion, are over the top in neccesity. But who am I to take away their hobby and/or passion for guns. Providing they are purchased legally and so forth what the fuck is the big deal? Oh some can come back with a list of articles of this person using those legally owned guns to go on a rampage....I get it I do. BUT the reality of it is this, how many people in this coutry who legally owns their guns go on rampages? Let me say the statistics are very low.

The issue here is, lets face it people, guns do not load themselves and decide to go kill people. CRIMINALS and unstable people make those choices, but also keep in mind those types don't always use guns either. If they don't have a gun they can use whatever else they choose....knives, baseball bats, I think you get my point here. Or at least I hope you do. Until any one has been a victim of a crime and knows that feeling of absolute helplessness to defend their home and family or been car jacked or whatever the case may be you just do not understand.

I have personally never been a victim of them either but I will say this on the matter, I would much rather know I have the ability to defend/protect my home and children from some piece of shit. If you want the right to not own a gun and not protect your family, that is YOUR right to do so, but do not take away my rights to do so. This is just as deep as religion if not more so in my opinion. I am not forcing my beliefs on others so why the fuck are theirs being forced on me??

There are plenty of rapists in America, should we ban all penises? Seriously, I mean that in a no joking manor. Obesity is an on going issue in the USA, so because of that shouldn't there be a ban on all things unhealthy, say like fast food places, candy, sodas and so forth? Oh wait those things did not make people fat, well they did actually, but it was the persons choice to shovel that crap in their pie holes wasn't it? Guns do kill, but not without the action of the person welding it. I own a gun, I choose to go to a shooting range, or hunt or let that gun sit in a safe...I CHOOSE what the gun will be used for, same as I choose how I drive a vehicle. I could easily choose to use a car as a weapon...hell I could use a spoon as a weapon if I was in a mentally incapacitated frame of mind.

So what else should be banned? vehicles..that would prevent drunk drivers wouldn't it? Cutlery, cause lets face it there are plenty of stabbings going on as well. Mens genitals, those can cause great harm to many victims!! Womens genitalia, lets face it, some have the ability to bring men to their knees and become butter in the hands of the woman welding the golden vagina. Sounds very much ridiculous does it not? So doesn't blaming guns for the actions of the nut job welding it. I strongly support my rights to keep and bear arms, but I also support others rights to NOT wish to want to keep and bear arms. That was what America was founded on freedom of choice...I am not happy that people who are close or narrow minded are trying to take away my rights because they do not agree with them. Too fucking bad...this is OUR country not his or hers.....We ALL have rights whether we agree or not.

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