Thursday, January 10, 2013

Social Media in a developing Unsocial world

Technology is a wonderful thing! Or is it? 20 years ago people actually picked up a phone and dialed the person they wished to "speak" with or they hung out together. Today it is a simple scroll through address books on cell phones, or text messaging and BOOM you're connected. Yes, that is a great thing, but here lies the issues, in my humble opinion, how many actually memorize phone numbers today? I remember back in the day I knew my family and friends phone numbers by heart. Today I'm lucky I recall my own phone number. On top of that, how many people prefer to text than actually speak to another person? I am finding this more and more as time passes and technology becomes quicker. This wonderful tool called the cell phone is used more and more for data and texts than actual talking on the phone.

Teenagers sitting in the back seat of a car, back in my day talked to each other either loudly or through whispers, today they text each other while they are literally sitting next to one another. Lets not over look the now popular use of acronyms instead of speaking plain, clear English (or whatever their language is). Oh this is not all about cell phone usage, it also includes computers. Social networks or websites like FaceBook have now become the "new" way to communicate with our friends. I am not looking down on all the technical advances we have made, what does sadden me is that with these great tools, society as a whole are becoming more introvert unless they are sitting in front of a screen.

Hell kids today are speaking to other kids all over the world via their video games, which in itself is very cool. The sad side is they are not hanging out with their local neighborhood kids and actually LIVING outside the home or away from a TV or computer screen. I cannot even go out to lunch or dinner with my adult daughter and not watch her text messaging people while we eat. Drives me insane most of the time. Now back to FaceBook and the likes of social sites, what is the trend going on today? People constantly posting their every move in status updates, what is upsetting them, what is making them happy and so forth. I'll tell you, nothing I want to know more than a friend suffering from diarrhea of the mouth on a daily basis, it's what I live for!!

I have nothing better to do then read about their panties being in a twist over something so minute it is comical. Those I label under the group of FML'ers (Fuck My Lifers), otherwise know as EMO's. Oh you can sit there and try to brighten their day with a positive message to them, but guess what tomorrow you will be doing the same thing. The internet has been wonderful for so many reasons but it is also a strain on tolerance for the whine asses of the world. Shit lets not forget the keyboard warriors or internet bullies....oh hell that's a whole other write up in itself. And a comical one at that, I get a kick out of people becoming so upset over something a complete stranger said to them. Really? Are you that insecure that the words of a stranger ruins your entire day??? Grow a pair or get off the internet.

My point...shit not sure if I have one other than perhaps get out of the house more, pick up the cell phone and actually TALK to a person not text them, stop advertising you are suffering from a gapping, sandy, bleeding vagina and grow a pair. Truthfully very (and I mean very) few people give a rats ass about your dinner burnt on the stove and now you have to eat shitty pizza for dinner! If you want to share with the world fine...share something funny, uplifting, and thought provoking. But if all you wish to share is "shitty life" syndrome then exercise the use of that damn cell phone and call a friend who actual gives a shit! Cause honestly I highly doubt me or many others truly give a flying fuck.

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