Monday, February 4, 2013

Oral Sex

Now that I have your attention =]

I have read a lot of various posts/point of views on this particular subject and each time it makes me think; what the fuck is wrong with a person who does not like oral sex? Hey I am not downing another persons feelings here but oral sex? My mind cannot wrap around it at all. With that said, I am an equal opportunist and like to get just as much as I give. From my experience it is very difficult to find that happy medium. Either the guy (in my case) is an oral junkie or oral phobic, or at least that is how it feels.

I have never had a guy turn down a blow job...nope not once, and as I lay there waiting for my turn and it doesn't come (no pun intended) it can be very frustrating. I stupidly dated one guy for close to 8-9 months and during that time each sexual act we shared ALWAYS included a blow job for him, I could count on one hand how many times I was given oral in that time frame. Oh I started to form a complex...feminine odor perhaps??? Nope that wasn't it...taste??? IDK I didn't eat pussy to compare LOL I could only go by what I was told by past lovers and the occasional finger inserted in my mouth asking how I liked the taste of myself......nope wasn't bad at all actually :)

I have come to the conclusion some people are just not that into it. And that is fine, but fuck you and wanting a blow job when you aren't willing to eat my pussy. Oh and oral sex should be done with some passion.....if you are doing it to please your partner GREAT, but for the love of all that is cumtastic put forth some effort!!! There has been plenty of times I physically just did not want to do the deed, but knowing how much my partner liked it I would at least try! Usually it would start off as a chore but the more I tried the more I truly did loosen up and get into it regardless of that nagging migraine I was dealing with.

As for you god, you all (unless your gay, no offense intended) boast or brag to your fellow man card holders how you rocked that chic's world last night....but did you, really? Lots of us women love a good hard fucking...OK I know I do..LOL but oral or cunnilingus or eating pussy for myself, and many women I've talked to on this subject, prefer that you take your time, savor, worship our pussy as if it was the best dessert you have ever had. Do not rush to make us cum, take your time learn what works on her. Don't go using the same old shit from woman to woman. Guess what...We don't all get off the same way and we all have different "hot" spots. Yep each one of us is our own personal puzzle that you need to figure out how to put it all together.

 HEY, that goes for you women too, try worshiping his throbbing cock, treat it as if you are fulfilling their dying wish for the best oral sex they ever had! Not all men are the same either and have different sensitive spots.....make it a game of trying to figure it out.I am no fool and of course this is not going to be the case each and every time you have oral sex. This is not 50 Shades of holy hell sex right from the start!!Come back to reality pretty please.....But it better be more than 70% of the time. There better be variety, add some finger play, toys, or whatever your filthy mind can conjure up. If you eat spaghetti every night you truly get bored and/or down right sick at the thought of eating it again. Same goes for sex my fellow sex fiends :)

One other solution is this...if you (being man or woman) are truly not into giving oral sex, then find a partner that feels the same way. because it is not fair to the other person who is always performing and not getting anything in return! Ooohhh but you like receiving, yea well fuck you, you lazy piece of shit, it is called give and take!!! If you are all about taking and not giving then I curse your selfish genitals to suffer a never ending case of limp dick or desert dry snatch till you learn to play fairly in that wonderful adult sand box known as the bedroom.


  1. First of all: Wow. Lol

    Also, if he doesn't give head, off is where he can fuck.

    *smiles sweetly*

    1. Thanks sweetheart....this was inspired by a blog you shared I believe yesterday, as well as others I have seen else where....and they all are geared towards men eating pussy.....great and wonderful as I love a man who loves pussy...LOL but it goes both ways in my book!!!